Together and with great commitment, our team pushes ahead with our own innovations and customer projects. We develop highly efficient and innovative solutions for solar technology, be it photovoltaic or solar thermal. Our aim is to produce energy in a sustainable and aesthetically pleasing way and to create long-lasting products.


And we want even more: We need more solutions to the challenges of renewable energies:

  1. Continious availability or storage
  2. Environmentally compatible expansion
  3. Transport
  4. Prevention of landscape and city disfigurement and thus increasing social acceptance in the own environment

We are absolutely convinced that economy and ecology are not a contradiction, but a creative challenge for us, which we gladly accept.


With our products, we continue to drive forward the expansion of renewable energies for a sustainable future.



We support you in your planning and questions around the topic of solar roofing. With our innovative Solar Roof Tiles, which combine photovoltaics and solar thermal energy, and an integrated roof system, we provide optimal and unique solutions for your modernization or new building project.  


We develop these state-of-the-art solutions for power generation at our location in Langenfeld and offer consulting and services as well as rapid prototyping services.