With the cost-effective accessories, you can design your paXos solar roof according to your individual needs, both in terms of appearance and functionality. 


Wave profilE

By using our wave profile in combination with the Solar Roof Tile-Mild Hybrid 14.5W, you give your solar system the aesthetics of a traditional roof surface. Integrate this profile into your solar roof to create a curved, harmonious roof tile design.

The wave profile is pressed from a high-strength aluminum alloy and finished with a high-quality coating. This makes the profile, like the Solar Roof Tile, accessible, hail-proof and extremely protected against corrosion. In addition, the wave profile with a cover width of 0.11 m partially takes over the roof covering function. As with the Solar Roof Tile, the storm suction protection is also provided by a wood screw and can be removed individually from the roof. This allows roof hooks to be retrofitted if required. 



You have determined your individual energy requirements and do not need your entire roof area for your needs? Then equip your roof with the appropriate number of Solar Roof Tiles and complete the remaining roof surface with complementary roof tiles. These are conventional roof tiles, i.e. without integrated solar technology, for a cost-effective addition on the roof. In this way, you obtain a visually homogeneous roof surface and avoid excess energy production. Furthermore, these complementary roof tiles can be cut as usual and are available in all necessary special designs (gable end, roof vent, antenna mast, etc.). As complementary roof tile you can currently use the Planum concrete roof tile from Nelskamp. You can find all information about it here: https://www.nelskamp.de/index.php/de/nk-dachsteine/planum

Thanks to our adaptive design, we will soon be able to offer Solar Roof Tiles that can be laid together with roof tiles from other major manufacturers (Wienerberger, Braas, Creaton etc.).



Equip your Solar Roof Tiles optionally with our smart power electronics to achieve the highest possible performance of your solar roof with maximum safety. The power electronics include a Maximum Power Point (MPP) tracker, which optimizes your energy yield, as well as an automatic PV switch-off, which in case of an emergency shuts the entire solar energy system off. Due to this automatic switch-off, there is no longer any electrical voltage on the Solar Roof Tiles. This means that in the event of a house fire, for example, the fire department can extinguish the fire without any risk. 


The power electronics are currently being developed and tested in cooperation with the TH Köln and will soon be used in a first small series.



If you connect our Solar Roof Tiles additionally with a heat pump, you can provide heat for your house very efficiently.

We would be happy to provide you with further information and support you in integrating your heat pump into the overall concept of solar roofing. 



In combination with a battery storage, you can use your self-generated electricity even at times when the sun is no longer shining.

We would be happy to advise you on the integration of your battery storage unit into the overall concept of solar roofing and provide you with further information on this.