Solar Agricultural Element



The foundation system of the Solar Agricultural Element enables high electricity production by solar fences with a low and careful use of materials. Photovoltaic panels on agricultural land have a high potential to drive the energy transition.

The universal mounting system can be easily adapted in design to the PV panels used. Thanks to the better foundation, higher photovoltaic fences are possible, which offer more yield and thus an earlier refinancing of the system

Easy installation of the foundation system

The earth screw sleeve is screwed deep into the solid soil layer after drilling an earth hole. Then the shear-compression-bending-plate can be inserted. Finally, the pole is installed, to which the solar modules of various manufacturers can be directly attached.

  • Higher photovoltaic fences possible (up to three levels)
  • Material-saving mounting form
  • Significantly lower use of resources
  • Proven mounting materials and methods
  • Easy installation and immediate loading possible
  • Residue-free and easy to remove as well as reusable

Taproot principle for higher loads

In order to safely install photovoltaic fences on open areas, conventional foundations require a high amount of concrete to be placed in the ground. The paXos foundation system, on the other hand, uses the taproot principle, which requires significantly less material and prevents surface sealing.

Parallel to a taproot, the system consists of an earth screw sleeve that absorbs tensile forces or transfers bending moments into the soil. The shear-compression-bending-plate protects the system under high wind loads and has shallow roots just below the loose soil layer as a parallel.


Technical Information

Parameter SAE-FS
Color & Power Depending on the PV Panel used
Pole Material Steel
Earth Screw Sleeve Material


Shear-Compression-Bending-Plate Material Concrete
Dimensions (L x W x H)

Ø = 70 - 90 cm | t = 5 - 10 cm

Weight  35 - 45 kg